MAPS provides faster, more reliable access to voter information with directions. As professional experts working as a coordinated informational resource team, MAPS saves you time and money. You have the opportunity to access and apply campaign information on a real time basis. This will allow you to change your campaign directions without missing a voter and keep tabs on the competition.

MAPS not only offers a myriad of campaign products, but provides access to a team that knows how all the parts of a campaign fit together. Using a coordinated information campaign helps direct the expert powers you hire do their job even better. With linked information, expertise, and implementation systems you can provide your campaign with heads-up directions.

With the MAPS NAVIGATION SYSTEM, now you can have the winning advantage. You can run your campaign more economically, efficiently, and effectively when you...

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We provide you with...

  • MAPS for the information your media expert needs for buying media and developing messages.
  • MAPS for your pollster to assess and identify targets and to verify and fine tune directions for your on-going campaign.
  • MAPS for your field operation to most resourcefully get out the vote.
  • MAPS to see where you are doing great so you can repeat it successfully.
  • MAPS for who you are missing or who you're losing, which can help you redirect your campaign.

What can MAPS do?

MAPS offers a constellation of services to meet your campaign needs. MAPS navigation tools for winning campaigns include:

  • Information Management
  • Database/File Management
  • Voter Information File
    • Who to target
    • Frequency of Voting
    • Strength of Voting
    • Registration History
    • Household Identification (Income and Education)
    • Household and Individual Party Identification
    • How to use it
    • Petitions & Signature Gathering
    • Mailing & Phone Lists
  • Research
    • Issues, voters & Legislative Research
  • Speech & Copy Writing
  • General Consultants & Strategy
  • Media & Marketing
  • Initiative & Referendum Consultants


    • Cross-Tabulated Voter Analysis
    • Voting History Analysis
    • Behavioral History Analysis
      • Frequency of Voting
      • Strength of Voting
      • Registration History
    • Zip Sorted
    • Carrier Routed
    • Random Sample Polling /Response Labels
    • Walking List Ordered Labels
    • Sequence by Alpha, Precincts, etc.
    • Bar Coded Labels
    • Telephone Lists
    • Standard Polling Lists
    • Bar Coded Polling Lists
    • Precinct or Voting District Lists
    • Zig-Zag or Odd-Even Walking Lists
    • Custom Format Coded Lists
    • Random Voter Lists
    • Sequence by Alpha, Precinct, etc.
    • Custom Matches Against any Private Files
    • Precinct/Voting District Rank Analysis
    • Swing Voter Analysis
    • Voting Turnout Analysis
    • Voting Frequency Analysis
    • Voting Strength Analysis
    • Registration History Analysis
    • Cross-Tabulated Voter Count
    • Zip Code/City/District Cross-References
    • Bar Coding of Both Lists and Labels
    • Private File Maintenance
    • Private File ID Coding
    • Random Samples
    • Geo-Demographic Mapping
    • Personalized Laser Letters/Envelopes
    • Past Voting History (Strength, Longevity, Frequency)
    • Party
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Registration Date (or Date first on file)
    • Ethnicity
    • Income & Education (Limited)
    • Any Geographical or Political Boundary
    • High Turnout Precincts/Voting Districts
    • Swing Precincts/Voting Districts
    • Private Code Sorting/Selecting
    • With/Without Telephones
    • Apartment Addresses
    • Mixed Party Households
    • Female or Male Head of Household
    • High Turnout Primary Voters
    • Random Voter Selections

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