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Steve Schroeder--who co-founded MAPS in 1984--has extensive experience in developing and managing statewide computerized data bases. He applies, analyzes, and maps a variety of information to increase the effectiveness of your campaign, using information tools for campaign strategies, behavioral analysis, geodemographic targeting, campaign plans, media purchases and design, polling, and campaign budget requirements.

As a political analyst and consultant for 20 years, Steve has worked over 250 campaigns on the local, district, legislative, state, and national levels: for clients ranging from US Senator Jeff Bingaman to Albuquerque Mayor Jim Baca. He has extensive experience managing and interfacing with multiple campaign staffs, candidates, post office personnel, media consultants, printers, phone banking groups, mail consultants, advertisers, state officials, and thousands of voters in door to door and phone campaigns.

Steve also has extensive experience in research and court testimony in the area of election laws and their application.

Mr. Schroeder holds a Masters Degree in Public Administration and a Bachelors in Business Administration. By clicking the following link, you may view a list of his Democratic Party Activities.

Bill Hoch--Deceased and Missed, See Obituary Below Bill co-founded MAPS in 1984 while still an owner and board member of Viscosity Oil Company in Chicago. As past chairman of the Democratic Party in Albuquerque his involvement with the Democratic Party goes back 32 years. His 25 years of campaign experience ranges from supervising polling and survey services, to supervising voter research, and designing and writing campaign literature. Bill formulates campaign targeting and strategy, consults and manages campaigns as well as producing and writing political TV and radio commercials.

Bill's extensive experience in community planning and history of community activism, includes city planning, neighborhood associations, crime prevention, educational advisory boards, code enforcement, meeting the needs of the homeless, zoning codes, and residential programs.

Bill attended the Colorado State University under a football scholarship, and majored in Political Science at the University of New Mexico. By clicking the following link, you may view a list of his Democratic Party Activities.

HOCH, William W. (1949-2015) Albuquerque, New Mexico Bill Hoch, community activist and advocate, political consultant, past Chairman of the Bernalillo County Democratic Party, and since 2002 the Community and Prosecution Coordinator for the 2nd Judicial District Attorney's Office, fought and won numerous health battles over the past six weeks, but ultimately lost the war on April 14, 2015 surrounded by his loved ones. William Hoch

Raised in Winnetka, Illinois, Bill was an Eagle Scout and graduated New Trier High School in 1967 as a letterman in multiple sports. After attending Colorado State University on a football scholarship, he found his way to New Mexico where he studied Political Science and New Mexico History at UNM. There he discovered his passion for politics and community activism. Over the next 40 years, Bill worked tirelessly to enact positive change and improve the lives of all Albuquerque residents. He held various volunteer positions in neighborhood associations, advisory boards, task forces, including President of the City Council District 7 Coalition of Neighborhood Associations since 2009. As a founder of the Huning Highland Neighborhood Association, Bill was instrumental in preserving and protecting one of the oldest neighborhoods in Albuquerque. In 1986 he, together with his partners, Stephen Schroeder and Dale Broughton, founded Modern Analytical Political Strategies (M.A.P.S.), a political consulting and polling company, known for their astute analysis and progressive approach.

As a large man, who stood 6'3", Bill could be seen as an imposing figure, but those who knew him had no doubts as to his extreme intelligence, sense of fairness, willingness to go out of his way to help and protect others, kindness, and fierce loyalty to his friends and loved ones. Even his adversaries couldn't help but respect his knowledge and dedication. A loving and devoted father, Bill was always an active presence in his children's lives from sporting events and school plays, to cherished time spent with family.

In his moments of leisure, Bill was a voracious reader. Often found nose deep in the latest mystery novel, tomes of history, WWII, and the modern classics. He could always be counted on for a good story, and would readily cite from his prized quote book. A lifelong sports fan, he loved to watch football and baseball, especially when The Chicago Bears or Cubs were playing. Bill could occasionally be seen driving around Albuquerque in his white 1965 Mustang convertible.

Bill's parents, Woodrow and Margaret Hoch preceded him in death. He will live on in the hearts and minds of his wife of 32 years, Lyn Magill-Hoch of Albuquerque; son Liam Hoch and partner Andrea Woodward of Albuquerque; daughter Maggie Hoch of Portland, OR; brothers Dr. Douglas Hoch and wife Janet of North Muskegon, MI; Jeffrey Hoch of Winnetka, IL; sister Margaret Davitt and husband Christopher of Lake Forest, IL; brother-in-law LTC (Ret) Samuel Magill, Jr. and wife Daisie of Ft. Worth, TX; 7 nieces, one nephew, one grand-nephew; and a very large extended family of friends and colleagues.

A memorial service to honor and celebrate Bill's life will be held in mid-June at a date to be announced via the Albuquerque Journal and social media.

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